Covid-19 Information Text

Dear Guests

Since our opening, the health of you and our employees has been a top priority for us as a Febeach Hotel. In our hotel we meet all requirements for cleanliness and hygiene according to international standards.

All our hygiene practices are checked and certified every month by Rentokil, an international independent organization.

We would like to point out that we have taken new measures due to the COVID-19 virus that comply with the recommendations of local and international experts and authorities. Daily hygiene activities are carried out in our hotel according to the recommended instructions. As we prepare to welcome you to our hotel as soon as possible, our hotel takes the following precautions:

What we do in our hotel to ensure the safety of our guests:
• The protective procedures against hygiene and diseases in our hotel have been expanded with regard to COVID-19, and implementation has started quickly.
• The methods of sensitizing to viruses were passed on to our entire hotel team by our doctors and consultants in the workplace.
• In all areas of our hotel, arrangements have been made in accordance with the rules for social distance.
• The number of hand disinfection stations has been increased in all areas of our hotel.
• The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all areas in our hotel has been increased.
• During daily meetings, our employees are monitored as part of our hand cleaning procedures.
• It is mandatory for our employees to wear a face mask. For the safety of yourself, your loved ones, other guests and employees, we ask you to use buffets with masks and disposable gloves in the morning - at noon - in the evening.
• All areas and surfaces with which our guests come into contact are frequently disinfected.
• All food and beverage services will continue to enhance our existing food safety practices in the areas we offer.
• After leaving our guests, the rooms are cleaned and disinfected by adding new protocols to the usual protocols to ensure the safety of our new guests.
• Measures were taken to increase the frequency of cleaning and to apply the rules for social distance in the departments in which our staff work.
• Our team is informed about the latest situations through constant communication and passing on of information.
• All national and international ministries of health and hygiene are constantly tracked and all information is immediately communicated to all staff.
• As soon as the use of children's playgrounds is allowed again, you can be sure that we will reopen with appropriate, more stringent hygiene practices and controls.

We would like to inform you that we will continue to update these measures and practices that we have taken for our guests and our own health.