Restaurant & Bar

Meals & Drinks

Insatiate Delectations…
We serve delicious meals in our restaurants which are a big part of any excellent holiday.

A La Carte Restaurants
There are 2 different theme restaurants that have special ambiences in our facility. If you are thinking that eating meals is a special affair and a social event, the best choice would be the meals which are prepared by head chefs with their hygienic and modern kitchens.

Homemade Drinks with and without alcohol: Our bar and restaurants serve free beverages between 10:00-24:00 as part of your inclusive terms holiday. Room service and drinks with alcohol in closed bottles are at a charge.

Turquoise Restaurant

We have made having meals in our grand canteen, in the main restaurant, into feast. We provide the most delicious and outstanding dishes for you in this Turkish and world kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Beach Bar & Restaurant

Appetizing choices which are suitable for every kind of taste are served on the seashore every afternoon weather permitting.

Olive Restaurant

Meals that are typical and classic to Italian kitchens is completely reflected in our Olive A La Carte Restaurant. While you are enjoying your holiday in Febeach Hotel, you can taste all of the traditional tastes of the Italian kitchen with a nice wine nearby in Olive Restaurant.

Fish Restaurant

This restaurant offers a menu of seafood goods to you, with the outstanding sundown view of Side and coastal waves.

Barbekü Restaurant

Sizi karşı konulmaz lezzetlere davet ediyoruz...
Kokusuyla iştah açan, lezzetli ve baş döndüren alternatif zengin mönüsü ile damak tadınıza uygun olarak sunulan kırmızı ve beyaz etli ızgara çeşitlerimizin yanında mevsimin taze yeşillikleri ile hazırlanmış salatalarımızla lezzete lezzet katabilirsiniz.
Febeach Barbekü Restaurant’da farklı lezzetleri bir arada yaşayın...

Lounge Bar

Various cocktails are served in our lobby bar.

Live Bar

Local drinks with alcohol and without alcohol are included in inclusive service. Live music is played for your enjoyment.

Snack Bar

Guests who wish to have a late breakfast, can savor the quick and convenient meals between 15:00-16:00 at the Snack Bar. Delicious cakes and cookies that are prepared privately for you for your tea or coffee in the afternoon. You can also try the delicious soup that is prepared for the hungry guests at 23:00. Beverage service which is provided in the inclusive terms is given near the swimming pool according to the weather conditions everyday between 10:00-24:00.

Eros Disco Bar

For those who want to experience entertainment at night, those who like to dance, the Eros Disco-bar of the hotel is available at the advanced night hours.

Smoke Bar

A comfortable and quiet environment to relax or if you want you can have a drink white reading a book. We have also available an inside smoking bar.